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The term “unbundling” refers to family lawyers providing limited services, at crucial points in the family’s interaction with the justice system, rather than an end to end representation model which is often beyond the means of families.

The A2JBC Unbundling initiative was created to work alongside a Mediate BC Family Unbundled Services project, funded by the Law Society of BC and Law Foundation of BC.

The initiative generated significant interest and energy about unbundling, and demonstrated the important role of A2JBC as a connector between justice system stakeholders.

Consistent with A2JBC’s user-centred and evidence-informed approach, the project started with a consultation and research phase, including a survey of families, family lawyers and family mediators. The project developed:

After the initial project concluded, continued enthusiasm led to the formation of an A2JBC Unbundling Working Group [Members] to build on the energy created by the project, work with other stakeholders, guide it into further projects and generally promote unbundling. The Working Group identified raising public awareness of unbundling as a priority, and supported a successful application to the Law Foundation by the People’s Law School. That project was completed in the spring of 2019, having produced a public facing Unbundled Legal Services website. The Working Group continues to explore ways of furthering another priority it identified: engaging law students, lawyers, law professors and other justice system stakeholders in a dialogue about other creative ways to practice law that match legal services supply with the existing unmet demand for legal services.