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A2JBC has taken the time to canvas and consider how to make change happen, what kind of new approach can cultivate systemic change and what kind of culture shift the justice system needs to make to create space where solutions can emerge.

Core Elements of Access to Justice BC’s (“A2JBC’s) Framework for Action, A2JBC, May 4, 2017.

Access to Justice Measurement Framework, Measurement Working Group, A2JBC, December 2017

The A2J Measurement Framework Checklist

Walking the Talk about Measuring Access to Justice - Applying the Access to Justice Triple Aim and Measurement Framework: A User Guide A2JBC, August 3, 2018

The Why, What and How of expanding Access to Justice Innovation and A2JBC’s Role: 
A report from the A2JBC Funding Working Group, November 8, 2018

A Duty to Act Remarks of the Honourable Robert J. Bauman, Chief Justice of British Columbia to the Canadian Institute for the administration of Justice’s 2021 Annual Conference: Indigenous People and the Law, November 12, 2021

*NEW* The Social Return on Investment Guide, April 10, 2023

Transform the Family Justice System (TFJS) Collaborative Resources

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and the Family Justice System  video (3:51 min) prepared by Justice Education Society (JES) for A2JBC with the financial support of Thomas Spraggs

Report of the Working Group on an A2JBC Family Justice Leadership Strategy (November 2020)

High Level Transform the Family Justice System Strategy Map

Transforming the Family justice System by Focusing on Family Well-being,  Keynote Speech, Nancy Cameron BC/Yukon virtual colloquium (November 2020)

Alberta Wellness Centre Video: How Brains are Built

Alberta Wellness Centre Video:  Brains: Journey to Resilience

Video of Action Committee Reimagining Justice BC/Yukon Colloquium  (November 2020)

An Adverse Childhood Experience (or “ACE”) refers to abuse, neglect or other traumas children may go through. A landmark study conducted in the 1990s established a link between Adverse Childhood Experiences (or “ACE”s) and negative health and well-being outcomes in adult life.

Media Release: Justice Sector commits to Transforming the Family Justice System (January 25, 2021)


Further Resources

Action Committee on Access to Civil and Family Matters, Access to Civil & Family Justice: A Road Map (October 2013)

The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (September 2015)

Canadian Forum on Civil Justice, Everyday legal problems and the cost of justice in Canada - Overview Report (2016)

Report to Canada’s Action Committee on Access to Civil and Family Matters, Working Toward Accessible Justice (2019).

Trevor C. W. Farrow, What is Access to Justice? Osgoode Hall Law Journal, Volume 51, Issue 3 (Spring 2014)



Access to Justice Research Network (AJRN)

Access to Justice Centre for Excellence (ACE), University of Victoria (BC)

Create Justice (Saskatchewan)

The Action Group (Ontario)

The Access to Justice & Law Reform Institute (Nova Scotia)

The Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ)

The Honourable Chief Justice Robert Bauman


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