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Family Justice Pathfinder

The “Path” referred to in this initiative is the path of families experiencing separation or divorce. The big vision of the Pathfinder project is that all BC families who are on that path, wherever they live, are connected to the services they need so that they can navigate it in a way that promotes, rather than undermines their well-being.

The strategy is to start small. Working in partnership with justice system stakeholders and the Kamloops population, the project will design and develop one or more prototypes that could be adopted and adapted province wide.

In the fall of 2016, A2JBC took the lead in putting together a funding application to government, on behalf of 18 justice system entities (within government and external to government), all of whom agreed to provide in-kind contributions to the project. While the application was not immediately successful, it led to the Ministry of Attorney General assigning resources to develop the project further.

A project board has been created, including two government leaders, two non-government leaders and two individuals representing the public who have had lived experience of the justice system. On August 30, 2017, the initial meeting of Kamloops service providers was held to map the existing services in the Kamloops area.

The project will take a user-centred, service design approach and the Ministry of Justice has provided in-house expertise in this area, as well as contracting with Kari Boyle, the coordinator of the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab and a member of the A2JBC Leadership Group. A2JBC will continue to support the project through its Pathfinder Working Group. (Members)