An “ordinary” legal problem; an extraordinary person

When Access to Justice BC first began to take form, it was clear that A2JBC should be oriented towards the needs of British Columbians experiencing everyday legal problems. The whole purpose of A2JBC has been to align the disparate elements of the justice system to pursue the unified goal of increasing access to justice by improving user experience, improving outcomes and improving costs (aka “The Triple Aim”).

How better to formulate ideas and actions than to ensure the people at highest risk of struggling with a sometimes complex, costly and slow-moving justice system were represented at the A2JBC table? From the outset, A2JBC has been extremely fortunate to receive astute guidance from an extraordinary individual, Jennifer Muller. Jennifer has navigated the family justice system with and without lawyers across multiple proceedings. In other words, Jennifer brought to A2JBC the lived experience of someone facing “ordinary” legal problems–and I put “ordinary” in quotations because we are all painfully aware that legal problems rarely feel ordinary to the person involved in them.

After six years of dedicated service, Jennifer has decided to step down from the Leadership Group and  Steering Committee.

Jennifer’s contributions to A2JBC cannot be overstated. She has provided valuable input in the development of our founding principles and vision. During countless meetings, Jennifer has offered a clear and articulate voice on behalf of system users, ensuring real needs and experiences are considered. Speaking for myself, Jennifer has provided motivation to continue A2JBC’s work; her passion and encouragement have been infectious.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to you, Jennifer, for everything you have done. Improving access to justice was not your job or responsibility, yet you took on this role, volunteering your time and energy while managing your multiple other personal and professional responsibilities. On behalf of A2JBC, we are profoundly grateful for your involvement in this work, and so pleased you will be continuing your association with A2JBC by supporting the Transform the Family Justice System Collaborative, aimed at putting family well-being at the centre of the system. From myself and the rest of A2JBC, we wish you all the best.