Appreciation for Jane Morley, Q.C., on her retirement from A2JBC

This blog post is an adaptation of Chief Justice Bauman’s remarks at an event last week marking the retirement of Jane Morley, Q.C., from her role as Strategic Coordinator for Access to Justice BC.

You know you are leaving a legacy when your name is synonymous with the organization you have grown and nurtured from its inception.

Jane Morley, Q.C. – A2JBC. The one means the other. They are interchangeable.

I cannot overstate Jane’s contribution to our work. She has been such a huge part of articulating our vision and encouraging the rest of us to execute that vision—I use that word “encouraging” advisedly, it was more like in the sense of “vigorous arm-twisting”.

And with Jane’s leadership, persistence and dedication, we have made much progress.

We have created this unique platform for cross-sector discussion and interaction. We have rallied around the A2J Triple Aim, and brought so many on board with us. We have pioneered the A2J Measurement Framework. We have engaged a growing number of law students and lawyers, collaborating with law schools and others on Access to Justice Week. We have reached out over social media and shared A2J stories about user-centred changes happening in the justice system that are evidence-based and experimental. People even read my blog occasionally! Again, all of these things thanks to Jane’s support, wisdom and persistence.

We have begun our journey with Indigenous justice issues—the Cowichan Tribes initiatives—our efforts to work with the First Nations Justice Council—our alliances with the Metis Nation. We have championed the introduction of Unbundled Legal Services in British Columbia.

And I am so excited by our latest work in the “Transform the Family Justice System” collaborative—the effort to put family well-being at the centre of our reform efforts. I say reform; I should say transformation. I look forward to seeing British Columbians benefit from the fruits of this important work in the years to come.

Jane, you have been a magnificent leader and these achievements would not have occurred but for your vision and diligence—and in some cases your much appreciated patience with all of us. We will miss your day to day counsel but we know that you will be working with us in other ways in the coming years.

Jane, on behalf of all of the justice system leaders and users in British Columbia, thank you.

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  1. Ron Friesen on July 14, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    I have had the great joy to work with Jane on the Transform the Family Justice System collaborative. She is such a wonderful, thoughtful, capable, professional, who listens and cares. Congratulations to her on her retirement!