The Access to Justice BC Wolf Factor

A2JBC knows that it cannot achieve access to justice solely through its own efforts. But it can make a difference by creating new conditions in the justice system, making it a place where solutions can emerge. In 1995, wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park to control the deer population. The reintroduction of the wolves ended up changing the entire ecosystem of the park, and even changed the course of the river. How Wolves Change Rivers:

We think that A2JBC’s “wolf factor” is that we are aligning justice system stakeholders around a new approach to changing the justice system – an approach that requires a shift in justice system culture. The A2JBC Approach is our guiding vision and strategy. We use it and the power of A2JBC’s network to Inspire and cajole people and organizations to undertake access to justice innovation. A2JBC constantly works to support aligned activities by connecting people, mobilizing funding and creating supportive working groups, and we seek to establish measurement practices that we can all learn from.