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Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story with A2JBC. We know that people and organizations  are making great efforts to respond to these unprecedented times. We want to gather stories about the work you are doing and amplify them by posting these stories to the A2JBC website.


How Your Story Helps

A2JBC knows it cannot “solve” the A2J crisis all by itself. It relies on justice system stakeholders to act. But A2JBC believes it can contribute to improving access to justice by encouraging a culture shift in the justice system.

A2JBC seeks to support people and organizations who undertake their strategies and projects in a way that aligns with the A2JBC Approach, i.e. who take a user-centred, collaborative, experimental approach and make evidence-based decisions.

One way to do that is to gather and amplify your stories. Your stories will encourage others. They are opportunities for a wider group to learn from your experience. They will give rise to dialogue about access to justice. They may connect you to others who are doing similar work or could help you with the work you are doing.

We’ve crafted some questions that will help us share your story as part of what we want to be a constant flow of sharing emerging solutions. We plan to publish a short story on the A2JBC Website that will highlight your work, and we hope to do this in three steps:

  1. Below are questions we have crafted that, if you are able to take the time to answer them, will let us share your story as part of a cohesive series.
  2. Before your story goes out, you will have a chance to review it.
  3. As your story comes up for posting on the A2JBC website, we will advise you so that we can support a collective effort at tweeting and raising awareness of your, and your organization’s, work.

[A small request: We know our membership has a lot of great stories to share. We ask that, to help us share this first set of stories in a smooth and simple way, you do your best to focus on telling us one story at a time. This may feel a little artificial at first, but when we follow up to discuss your story with you, we can make plans to tell more than one story, either in this first story, or in a series of stories that follow. Thank you.]

Don’t Have a Story yet?

You may still engage by:

  • Adopting the A2JBC Approach to innovations your organization is working on
  • Raising the question with your colleagues about how your organization might contribute more to access to justice
  • Convening a meeting with other organizations to discuss what you might do together to improve access to justice
  • Planning and implementing an innovative access to justice initiative
  • Sharing your access to justice story - once it emerges for you and your organization

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