Framework for Action

Core Elements of our Framework for Action:

  1. Commitment to a sustainable civil and family justice system in which justice is accessible to British Columbians
  2. A Triple Aim that is supported system-wide and balances improved user experience, improved justice outcomes for the population, and per capita costs
  3. An “improvement approach” that engages the user’s perspective, is multi-disciplinary, experimental and recognizes that users of the system are partners in improving it
  4. Collaborative and innovative initiatives that:
    • Are developed and implemented by individuals, organizations and groups of organizations, associated with Access to Justice BC
    • Are designed to contribute to the Triple Aim
    • Are measured against their contribution to the Triple Aim, and
    • Use an “improvement approach” in their development and implementation
  5. The creation of practical common outcome measures that test policies, programs and innovations in terms of their contribution to the Triple Aim
  6. A forum for sharing knowledge gained through improvement experience and exploring mutually reinforcing activities
  7. A network of organizations and individuals  (including judges, lawyers, academics, public policy practitioners, users of the system and the general public) committed to access to justice system improvement


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