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Tell us your A2J Innovation Story

A2JBC is a social impact network, connecting stakeholders who want to improve access to justice for British Columbians and encouraging them to take action to make a difference. We believe that access to justice is most likely to be achieved in BC, and beyond, if justice system stakeholders:

  • act collaboratively;
  • take a user-centred approach
  • innovate and experiment, which means being prepared to fail, and;
  • are informed by evidence, not just by what they think is best.

We are looking for stories that illustrate one or more of these attributes. Please tell us your access to justice innovation story. It doesn’t have to be a story of success. We are committed to the idea that we can often learn more from failures than from successes. Send your story to

Please include the name and email address of someone in your organization in case a reader wants to follow up. A2JBC is about connecting people, and others might learn from your story, or have something to share with you that you can learn from.