Join the Access to Justice Movement

National Engagement

Acknowledging that Canada was increasingly failing to deliver access to justice to its citizens, the Chief Justice of Canada, Beverley McLachlin established the Action Committee, chaired by Justice Thomas Cromwell, and including justice sector leaders from across the country.  After years of hard work, the Action Committee produced in October 2103 a Roadmap for Change. This is a call for action, and A2JBC is BC’s response to this call.

A national public awareness campaign is underway. The campaign, “Justice for All”, is designed to increase the public’s awareness and interest in justice issues and to connect them to local public legal education and access to justice initiatives. The goal is to encourage the public to better understand why the civil and family justice systems should matter to them. It is also designed to benefit all of those persons and organizations working to advance access to justice by offering a better understanding of the public’s perception of access to justice issues.

The campaign launched in April 2017 and is building momentum through online and social media channels. On May 8, 2017 Justice Thomas Cromwell, Chair of the Action Committee, released a column in the Lawyer’s Daily describing the purpose and objectives of the campaign. He describes the campaign’s key messages for the public:

  • There is a legal dimension to everyday life;
  • You can plan ahead for legal issues;
  • We know that legal problems can be intimidating, time-consuming or expensive;
  • We are working together to make the legal system work better; and,
  • The legal system is critical to a healthy democracy and strong communities.

You can follow and contribute to the campaign on social media via Twitter with #justiceforall or #justicepourtous and on Facebook at ActionCommA2J. You can also view the Action Committee’s justice development goals at