Join the Access to Justice Movement

How Do I Engage?

Join the access to justice movement

There are many different ways to engage. One place to start is to reflect on these questions:

  • What would access to justice look like in BC’s family and civil justice system if it were achieved?
  • In what ways am I already contributing to access to justice?
  • What more could I, or my organization, do to contribute to access to justice?
  • How could I consider the users’ experience, and work in partnership with users?
  • How could working with other organizations help?
  • How could I apply the A2JBC approach?
  • What is my first step?

You can engage by:

  • Adopting the A2JBC approach to innovations your organization is working on
  • Raising the question with your colleagues about how your organization might contribute more to access to justice
  • Convening a meeting with other organizations to discuss what you might do together to improve access to justice
  • Planning and implementing an innovative access to justice initiative
  • Telling us your access to justice innovation story
  • Reading about the A2JBC initiatives and considering how you might contribute to them.