Join the Access to Justice Movement


Justice is a cornerstone of our society. Many
people in BC do not have access to justice.
Something has to be done about it!

How do I engage?

Access to justice will only be achieved through direct action and innovation by individuals and organizations. Anyone who works in the justice system or interacts with it can engage in the access to justice movement.

Sometimes access to justice can be improved in small ways, and organizations in the justice system are well positioned to identify and implement effective changes. But at other times, it is more effective for organizations to collaborate with other stakeholders.

What is critical is that justice system stakeholders take responsibility – that they reflect on how they can contribute, by themselves or with others, and that they take action.


Tell us your access to justice innovation story

The nature of a movement is to be inspired by the action of others. You or your organization may already be engaged in an innovative access to justice action. If so, please tell us your story.


National engagement

Access to Justice BC is part of an access to justice movement that is Canada-wide. Recognizing that there is power in joining forces, A2JBC members are involved in a national Action Committee that, after many years of work, produced in October 2013, Access to Civil and Family Justice: a Roadmap for Change. [PDF]  It was a call for action that stimulated the creation of A2JBC.