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Who is Involved in A2JBC?

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Leadership Group

This group is the governing body of A2JBC. It currently has 30 members and is chaired by the Chief Justice of BC. Its membership includes leaders from within the justice system, from the public, and from other sectors.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, chaired by the Chief Justice, oversees the ongoing work of A2JBC. The leaders of major justice stakeholders fill some of the seats at the Steering Committee table. These include the judiciary, Ministry of Justice, BC Aboriginal Justice Council, the Law Society, the Legal Services Society, the Law Foundation, and Courthouse Libraries BC. Other seats are for people who can bring diverse perspectives to the table including the academic community, community organizations serving justice system users, other disciplines, self-represented litigants and the public.

Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee was first called the Communications Committee but was changed to reflect the fact that in order to be an effective access to justice network, A2JBC needed to do more than communicate – it also needed to engage not just the members of A2JBC groups and committees, but networks across the justice sector and beyond.

A2JBC Working Groups

A2JBC is itself an innovation, and like all innovations, needs to be agile. For this reason, it is keeping its infrastructure and committee system as non-bureaucratic as possible. Working Groups come and go as needed, and membership changes depending on the direction of the initiative. One example is the Measurement Working Group [Members] , which has developed the Access to Justice Triple Aim, the Access to Justice Measurement Framework and the User Guide. Having completed those projects, it is considering whether to take on new ones or to disband. Other current working groups are associated with A2JBC Initiatives: