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What is the work of A2JBC?

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A2JBC serves as a backbone to BC’s access to justice movement. Its activities include:

  • Providing a guiding vision and strategy. See Framework for Action
  • Inspiring and cajoling people and organizations to undertake access to justice innovation
  • Supporting aligned activities by connecting people, mobilizing funding and creating supportive working groups. See Initiatives
  • Establishing shared measurement practices. See Access to Justice Triple Aim

The field in which A2JBC works is the civil and family justice system. At its first meeting in June 2015, the Leadership Group decided that A2JBC should focus first on the family justice system, because it was the area in most need of improvement.

A2JBC also decided that ways must be found to improve outcomes and experience for Indigenous families engaged with BC’s family justice system, while recognizing that this can only be done appropriately by working collaboratively with Indigenous communities and organizations. To further this priority, A2JBC has started a dialogue with the Aboriginal Justice Council of BC about how to improve the well-being of indigenous children through the justice system. One of the Aboriginal Justice Council members is on the A2JBC Steering Committee.