Join the Access to Justice Movement


Access to Justice BC (A2JBC) is not the first attempt among justice system stakeholders to try to improve the justice system, nor is A2JBC the only organization pursuing the goal of access to justice in BC. What is unique about A2JBC is that it seeks to impact access to justice by creating a network of justice system stakeholders to align around strategies that are collaborative, user-centred, experimental and evidence-informed.

What is Access to Justice?

Access to justice means enabling people to avoid, manage and resolve legal problems and disputes.


The A2JBC Story

The story of A2JBC to date is the story of what happened when a group of justice system stakeholders decided that they wanted to work together to improve the civil and family justice system. There are more chapters of the story yet to be written.


What is the work of A2JBC?

A2JBC is not in the business of directly implementing projects. That is the work and responsibility of the justice system stakeholders who are members of the A2JBC network. A2JBC’s work is to encourage access-to-justice innovation, acting as a catalyst that connects, stimulates, cajoles and supports action among stakeholders.


Who is involved in A2JBC?

Leaders of the key BC justice system stakeholders (the judiciary, the government, not-for-profit justice organizations) are members of the A2JBC Leadership Group and Steering Committee. Their presence at the table is crucial because they can influence how resources in the justice system are allocated.

But from its beginning, A2JBC recognized that to be effective it needed to broaden its perspective and so it invited participation from other sectors (such as health and municipal government), organizations serving users of the justice system (such as Disability Alliance BC and MOSAIC), and users of the family and civil justice system. A2JBC is working on increasing engagement among justice system stakeholders and finding ways to expand the diversity of those involved in A2JBC.